Revolutionary Lightweight Bear Resistant Food Canister called the BearVault. Finally the BearVault (or bearvault) brings a larger capacity yet lighter canister to the backpacker! The BearVault (or bearvault) has a rain-proof, tool free lid that provides full access to the contents for backpackers who need a bear resistant food canister. Hold down strap guides to easily attach the bear resistant food canister (or bearvault) to an external frame pack for backpacking. Transparent polycarbonate makes the bear resistant food canister (or bearvault) impact resistant while allowing the backpacker to easily locate the food inside the bearvault.
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We want to point out an issue with our newer model BV250s and BV300s which the user needs to be aware of. We use a manual mold for the production of the lid and this can result in some lids being slightly oversized due to cycle time variations. These oversize lids can cause the lid to come down on top of the housing stop bump rather than sliding inside the bump. What this means is if you continue to tighten the lid, the lid will not close correctly and in fact, the lid will bow out at the housing bump if you continue to tighten the lid with the lid on top of the housing stop bump. This results in a lid that is NOT correctly closed; in fact it leaves a gap which a bear can use to pop the lid off and a bulge in the outside of the lid at the location of the housing bump. If the lid is correctly closed it should also be able to unscrew slightly before hitting the housing stop bump; this is another way to check that you have correctly closed the lid. Please do a visual check of your BearVault to ensure you have closed it correctly. All of the lids work as designed as long as the canister is closed correctly.

Incorrectly closing the lid has resulted in at least one incident of a bear gaining access to these models. These incidents are reported to the rangers, and the Sierra Interagency Black Bear Group keeps a tally of these incidents. If they feel the number of incidents is excessive they can revoke the approval of that model of canister.

We point out that this can happen in an insert in every unit we sell. The insert points out that this is easily remedied; if you see the lid hit the top of the bump, simply press in with your finger on the lid and it will move inside the housing stop bump. You can then continue tightening the lid until you hear that “snap” which tells you that the lid is closed correctly. The lid will also be touching the housing so there is no gap between the lid and the housing. If you have an oversize lid and you ensure you close the lid correctly, you have a canister that has withstood attacks by 800 pound Grizzly bears successfully. If you do not close the lid correctly you have a vulnerable canister that may fail during a bear attack.

Please ensure you look at the lid and housing when you close these model BearVaults so that you are sure it is correctly closed. We plan on automating the lid manufacturing process this winter so that there are no longer these size variations, but in order to do this we need your help and awareness of the issue so that you correctly close the BearVaults . We are partners with our customers, and we need you to correctly close your BearVaults if they have an oversize lid or else you all may lose the option of buying a larger, lighter, easier to use bear canister.

If you have a friend who uses a BearVault, please pass this on. If you would like a copy of the insert, please email us at .


Yellow-Yellow was a bear located in the High Peaks regions of Adirondack State Park who could open BearVaults. She died in 2012 however as of June 2014 there is at least one other bear in that area that can open BearVaults. Accordingly we still recommend that BearVaults NOT be used for that area.