Revolutionary Lightweight Bear Resistant Food Canister called the BearVault. Finally the BearVault (or bearvault) brings a larger capacity yet lighter canister to the backpacker! The BearVault (or bearvault) has a rain-proof, tool free lid that provides full access to the contents for backpackers who need a bear resistant food canister. Hold down strap guides to easily attach the bear resistant food canister (or bearvault) to an external frame pack for backpacking. Transparent polycarbonate makes the bear resistant food canister (or bearvault) impact resistant while allowing the backpacker to easily locate the food inside the bearvault.
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Product Notices
  • Grizzly & Black Bear Approved!
  • Light—2lbs 1oz or 2lbs 9oz
  • Large 4 or 7 day capacity
  • Full access opening
  • Tool free operation
  BV450 Solo BV500
US Patent #'s
Made in the U.S.A.

Leave only paw prints...